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wherever intellect congregates


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wherever intellect congregates

This site is one of the long-time preparations at Hankook Education to provide accurate information on studying abroad for students and parents interested in studying abroad.

As is well known, many students wish to study abroad, and this site introduces the general contents related to studying abroad, such as their desired area, school selection, admission process, visa acquisition, departure and school settlement. I prepared for the purpose of helping to understand the study abroad. In particular, the information introduced in the contents was based on the latest data obtained by the agency and the personal visits and feelings of those in charge, so that the students or parents who were studying abroad could actually get help with the procedure. However, we have prepared for students who have studied abroad to adapt to school life as quickly as possible.


In addition, if you have any parents who have already sent or have sent their children to overseas, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our website or blog "" or "" Please find useful information about studying abroad at "".


Finally, I sincerely hope that this site will be a little useful information for all those who are interested in studying abroad. Thank you.

Ungsik Kim, Director


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