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Boarding School
Visa Documentation

Most American private boarding schools, unlike American universities, do not require financial verification (including but not limited to a parent bank statement) at the time of application. However, after admissions and even during the school year, some schools do require parents, or a legal guardian, to provide documentary evidence that they are able to cover the student’s tuition and fees related to his or her room and board.


Should a boarding school require financial verification, then the parent (or legal guardian) must submit a Certificate of Deposit Balance (also known as a Bank Statement) from their bank. This document should be in English, clearly indicate the total balance of liquid assets (cash, CDs, etc.) in the name of the parent or the legal guardian and be signed by a bank officer. The balance should be no less than one year’s worth of a student’s tuition and living expenses. This certificate should then be attached to a completed financial verification form from the boarding school, and submitted to the same.

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