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New Zealand Education

Whatever the country, the institution of education and its content is an important social issue, and New Zealand is no exception.


In general, the educational system in New Zealand can be as close to the British style as it aims to maximize students' creativity and foster humanity through autonomous teaching rather than textbook-based teaching.


The New Zealand education system is divided into Pre-School Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Tertiary Education.


First, primary education is divided into primary school and intermediate school. Secondary education takes place at the College and High School, and higher education takes place at the Polytechnic Institute of Technology and the University.

First of all, New Zealand's education is very brief: six years of elementary school, two years of middle school, five years of high school, and three years of college. In general, there are no textbooks in elementary and secondary schools, and most of them study in an autonomous environment. After that, they study according to textbooks.


As a result, these young students have a well-developed atmosphere of autonomous learning using the on-campus library, rather than textbook-based teaching. That is, under the guidance of a teacher, each learns naturally how to find a task and solve a problem. This can be said to place more weight on the process of understanding that knowledge than the knowledge of infusion that we learn and understand through textbooks.

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