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Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges

80% of Korean freshmen end up pursuing a liberal arts curriculum at university, commonly through an undergraduate college also known as a college of arts and science, college of letters and science, or, just, the college. While large universities offer a full suite of different colleges, other universities focus on its liberal arts unit - these universities are commonly known as liberal arts colleges.

All Liberal Arts Colleges offer an outstanding undergraduate education culminating in a Bachelor's degree. Top colleges are extremely competitive. The breadth of majors and the quality of instruction therein equals, and, in many cases, even exceeds that found in top national universities. Moreover, students have as wide access to research as any other leading research university.

Use Google Maps to explore college towns and orientate yourself with the environments of these top national universities. Zoom out to see a macro view of the United States, zoom in to find specific universities, or use Street View (the yellow man) to explore the neighborhood. But, above all, have fun!

Table Source: U.S. News, Liberal Arts College Rankings, 2020

Notes: a.) Acceptance Rate is calculated from the total of in-state, out-of-state and intl' freshman applications in 2018, b) Student count excludes graduate students, c.) Annual cost is in US$ and includes tuition, room and board.

What is a Liberal Arts College?

In the United States, a university is a collection of smaller academic units called schools or colleges. These units include general colleges, like a college of arts and science to which most undergraduate students apply, as well as specialized schools such as colleges of art, engineering, business, pharmacy and so on.

Regardless of field, major, school or college, U.S. higher education typically requires all graduates have a wide understanding of the intellectual canon outside of their major. This didactic philosophy is known as a "liberal arts education" and has its roots in American history, distinguishing U.S. universities from their international peers.


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