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Selecting Schools
Boarding School

Of course, directly visiting the campus and talking with the administrators is the surest way for prospective students and their parents to determine whether the boarding school is a healthy match.


Yet, travelling overseas to visit multiple schools is often infeasible for most families. Therefore, most families tend to research schools remotely from Korea. While every parent will have their own go-to research method, by and large parents tend to source study abroad information from at least one of the following sources:

  • Recommendations from other study-abroad parents,

  • Books on boarding schools and applications thereto,

  • Boarding school websites,

  • Education Centers, specialized study abroad consultants


Whatever your method, it is strongly advised to collect as much information on the boarding school as possible. To start, we emphasize the importance of thoroughly reviewing print material directly published by the boarding school including but not limited to a school prospectus and a student & parent handbook, which these days are often found as pdf copies or links on the school website. Understanding the idiosyncratic terms and conditions of admissions at each boarding school in advance is critical to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line. As such, we always urge parents to contact school admissions officers and ask questions. If a direct campus visit is infeasible, we also highly recommend parents solicit the help of a trusted intermediary to visit the school and evaluate its staff, teachers, student body and facilities on their behalf.

Given the complexities involved in boarding school admissions, many parents choose to collaborate with a trusted Education Center. Furthermore, as the number of prospective boarding school students in Korea has steadily increased, so has the breadth and depth of Education Centers specializing in boarding school consulting.

Realistically, working with a Education Centers necessitates families to share intimate details of their children as well as their financial circumstances, and therefore requires for parents to invest considerable trust. We strongly advise parents to visit numerous Education Centers for consultations before settling on a Education Centers they trust. It is critical that parents engage the services of qualified and trustworthy advisers that provide accurate consultations and intelligence such that their child may complete their overseas studies smoothly and without incident.

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