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Our Services

​Our service concept:

  1. Motivating the student to develop clear academic (and career) ambitions

  2. Empowering the student to articulate his/her life history creatively and expressively,

  3. Executing college plan from A to Z: from college search to matriculation.


A mother's touch. 

It has been 30 years since we opened our doors in 1989 to education consulting. Over this time, Hankook Education has provided countless students with professional, meticulous, and detailed-oriented education advisory services.

From global warming to social media, from the paradigm shifting 4th industrial revolution to the raging U.S.-China trade war, Korea is being affected by global forces in ways unfathomable even a decade ago. In this rapidly changing world, at a time where global education and career experience is a necessity, we at Hankook Education leverage our immense creativity, long experience and professional knowledge to offer tailor-made international education planning solutions for students desirous of maximizing their competitiveness within and without Korea.

As a mother of two sons educated overseas from middle school to university, I empathize only too well with the hopes and fears of parents sending their children abroad.

My approach to client consulting is to care for and advise my students as if they were my own children, providing continuous support and management from secondary school to university and beyond. As I also place great importance on fostering harmonious long-term relationships between ourselves and our clients, we are devoted to helping our clients beyond the immediate needs of education consulting; very often, we mentor our students on their careers, life, and so on.


We are renowned among parents and the local education consulting industry as honest, creative, accurate, and perfection driven – a Guru of international education. Indeed, our ability to adapt and evolve while preserving our motherly touch has enabled us to prosper in this business for over thirty years.


In a digital age where data and noise come from all directions, we welcome you into the quiet laboratory of Hankook Education where our creativity, professional know-how, experience, and case histories coalesce to provide the advisory services you require.

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