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Boarding School
Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is essentially a third-party evaluation of the student’s academic performance and potential, and personal development within a social environment.

While questions vary among boarding schools, overall admissions officers are looking for a professional evaluation of academic ability focusing on the student’s strengths and weaknesses; interpersonal, social and psychological development; service within the school and community at large; and, last but not least, an assessment on how well the student will adapt to a boarding school environment.


Boarding schools are specific that such letters come from the student’s English, Math and/or homeroom teacher; more competitive schools require additional recommendations from the school principal among other administrators.


Competitive boarding schools also offer an opportunity for a school related individual, such as a coach or tutor, and, in the case of religious boarding schools, the student’s pastor, priest or monk, to write a letter of recommendation. In such cases, admissions officers are looking for an evaluation of the student’s personality, character, etiquette, leisure and family activities.


Similarly, competitive schools also entreat parents to write letters of introduction on behalf of the student. In these cases, admissions officers want an honest assessment of how the student will adapt to living away from home as well as strengths and weaknesses facing the student in his or her adjustment thereto.

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