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Boarding School

The transcript, sometimes referred to as an “academic record,” is a very important factor in the admissions review process as it provides a numerical context to assess the past performance and predict the future potential of the student.

The transcript also reveals to admissions officers the curriculum and educational system from which the student is transferring from. In this regard, boarding schools are especially interested in the past two year of the student’s achievement for the purposes of evaluating how well the student might adjust to the boarding school’s curriculum and, if admitted, how to plan the student’s future course of study.


In preparing the student’s transcript/s, the parent should note that boarding schools accept English language transcripts only. Some Korean schools issue English language transcripts, in which case the parent should insist the transcript be an official copy and sealed in an envelope. The parent may then courier the sealed transcript directly to the boarding school admissions.


Should an English language transcript be unavailable, then it is necessary to have the transcript translated wherein the translation is attested by a school official.


In translating the transcript, it is imperative that it be a true, word-by-word translation of the original Korean text. For example, if the student’s grades are in a 100-point scale, then the English language translation should also be in a 100-point scale. Or, if the student’s grades are in a Su/Wu/Mi/Yang/Ga scale, then the translation should likewise indicate such scale.


While it is noted many schools that utilize Su/Wu/Mi/Yang/Ga scale tend to offer a conversion to the American A/B/C/D/F scale, parents should note that English translation need be a true, word-by-word translation unless otherwise indicated by a school official.


In the end, differences in scale are not too important so long as the prospective boarding school in question has had prior experience evaluating Korean academic records.

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