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Social Sciences

Majors & Universities

The social sciences is an extremely popular subset of majors with more than a third of all undergraduates electing to study its many disciplines. They compass the fields of anthropology, area studies, communications, economics, gender studies, history, peace and conflict studies, political science, psychology, sociology, and the countless interdisciplinary studies among them. Indeed, the popularity of social science majors is in part a function of the sheer diversity of subjects, the flexibility in degree requirements and the reality that most social science majors offer excellent career preparation.

As you plan your ideal social science major, bear in mind the following:

(1)  The flexibility a social science major affords requires you to demonstrate greater individual initiative and maturity in selecting classes. It is easy to get trapped in just fulfilling basic degree requirements. If you do this, you will later find that career or graduate school opportunities are limited.

(2)  Successful social science students tend to go beyond the basic degree requirements. They challenge themselves with participation in an Honors program, undergraduate research, publications in academic journals, participation in summer internships, and, where appropriate, become comfortable with statistics and data analysis.

(3)  Be ready to attend graduate school, and/or change your career field after graduation. Most direct social science occupations require graduate studies. Therefore, a student serious about building a career in a social science must attend graduate school. For students hesitant about graduate school, a social science degree offers excellent analytical and critical thinking skills employers seek in entry-level positions.

Below is a table by major of selected universities renowned in undergraduate social sciences.

Legend: Econ. = Economics, Poli. Sci. = Political Science, Pub. Aff. = Public Affairs, Psych. = Psychology, Soc. = Sociology, Urban Stds. = Urban Studies.

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