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High School (Gymnasium)

In German speaking areas of Switzerland, high school is called "Gymnasium" while in the French speaking areas it is called "Lycee." Gymnasiums are typically organized with respect to a student's area of study, and are generally organized in the following categories:


i) Altsprach lisches Gymnasium (AG),

ii) Mathematisches und Naturwissenschaftiliches Gymnasium,

iii) Neusprachliches Gymnasium, and

iv) Wirtschaft Gymnasium.

Of these, most local Swiss students, having graduated from Volksschule, choose to attend i.) Altsprach lisches Gymnasium (AG) which is equivalent to a general public high school in Korea. There, students study for six and a half years during which time he learns at least three foreign languages ​​and also studies mathematics and science.

Students also have an option to study at specialty high schools (ii. thru iv. above0 that focus specifically in math, science, language or economics. To qualify, students must have attended a special 3-year middle school called Oberstufenschule after completing their basic Volksschule studies.

Students attending specialty high schools typically graduate in four and a half years, and at graduation they receive an "Eidgen oessische Matura" (Federal Diploma) which is accepted at all Swiss universities and most foreign universities.

ii.) Mathematisches und Naturwissenschaftiliches Gymnasium
Unlike the AG, here the curriculum focuses on mathematics and science, and also provides language instruction in two German and foreign languages ​​(French, English or Italian).

iii.) Neusprachliches Gymnasium
Emphasis is placed on language education and teaches math and science.


iv.) Wirtschaft gymnasium
Operate a curriculum focused on economics.

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