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Swiss Education

Switzerland is one of the most livable countries in the world having very high standards of living. Prior to 1848, the elementary education system was established. In 1974, compulsory education was established for six years of elementary school and three years of middle school. Although 6, 3, and 3 are the basic years of study, they vary slightly from state to state, and there are also differences in class start time and school age.

Switzerland speaks different languages, so German schools have been teaching French and Italian, and French and German teaching German and Italian.

Most Swiss students attend public schools, which include kindergarten (Kindergarten), primary and secondary schools (Volksschule), high schools (Gymnasium) and universities (Universitaten). In Switzerland, after graduating from elementary and secondary schools, students often choose to take vocational training instead of Gymnasium. After completing their vocational training, they can enter the University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, the curriculum is systematically distributed in all fields such as public school, vocational school, and hotel school, and theories and practices are evenly distributed. Students choose Switzerland as the best place for education

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